Project #1: Child Monologues

Hamisi Minico

By: Kore D.

            Hi! My name is Hamisi. I am eleven years old and live in the village of Makumira. My parents own a half-acre coffee farm that failed do to the lack of income throughout the world. My father was unable to afford to keep me in school so we had to move. I had a career in mind of becoming a miner. I had asked my mom for money to buy some socks. Instead of buying socks I used the money to take a bus to Mererani. When there I hoped I would find the job I was looking for.

            Upon my arrival to Mererani I asked a boy where the mining site was located. He showed me the site but said it’s hard to get a job around here being a newcomer. I made some new friends who were willing to help me get my job. After being showed around the mining site I was given a job as an “errand” boy. My job was to deliver tools and water. The mining pits are deep, dark, and extremely hot. Those working in the mine have to wear special flashlights on their head in order to see down there. Their faces turn black due to the humidity, the heat, and the mud. People often called us “snake boys” because we crawl underground. The health of us snake boys is very poor due to the lack of oxygen and the large amount of harmful graphite dust. We get fed little and work eighteen hours a day. Kids like me earn sixty cents to a dollar twenty a day when there are given task. We go through the rubble in hopes of finding a gem stone to sell for twenty-four dollars to one hundred and twenty two dollars. This is what drew kids like me to the mines.

Child Labor Monologue

By: Jela L.


         Hi, my name is Pramila. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. My father left my mother 2 months before I was born and before I was 2 years old we were thrown out of our house because we couldn't pay the rent.

            I started working at 6 years old as a ragpicker. I wake up with the sun everyday to go and scavenge through trash for money. I wander junkyards and the streets to find anything valuable. My mother goes without food or sometimes she will just have some tea when it  is available to us. We eat will eat rice only in the evenings but not all the time.

            One day, I was searching for beer cans, bottles, and  food in garbage cans on Soaltee lane. I climbed into one of the trash cans and searched around I couldn't find anything. I jumped out of the trash can and barefoot stepped on a piece of broken glass.Blood came gushing out of my foot. There was so much blood, I began to think I was dying. In the morning two men were passing by. One of the men gave me 2 ruppees. He told me to buy myself some medicine. On my toe I walked to a store but instead of buying medicine, I bought a cup of tea , because I felt the hunger more than the pain.